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Food & Beverages
Chinese Steamboat Hot Pot & Barbecue Restaurant @ Johor Bahru
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Selling Off 100% Retail

Business Overview
- A Chinese steamboat hot pot & barbecue restaurant business located in Johor Bahru.
- Serve authentic Sichuan spicy pot base steamboat, which uses various Chinese medicines and a variety of Sichuan spices, at the same time enjoy unique skewers barbecue with authentic Sichuan flavour, just like eating in Sichuan, China.
- Operated since October 2019. (Assets are all still in tip top condition)
- Asking price including the brand, food recipe and business assets.
- Rental per month is RM 6,500 (First floor RM 1,500, ground floor RM 5,000)
- Rental deposit term is 2 + 2.

Business Offer
Selling 100% share

Company Entity
Sdn Bhd

Business Highlights
Business owner many business to handle.

Yearly Revenue: RM 1,600,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 3 to 10 person


Strength & Opportunity
- Business is beautifully renovated, with regular customer and tip top condition assets.
- Strategic location, shop lot located in Mount Austin, a well-known place among the local and tourists (especially Singaporean), known as a "food palace".
- Initial capital comes with a total value of approximated RM 120,000.
- Double storey shop lot, which having size of 22 x 70 sq ft for each floor.
- Customer average spending is around RM 50 to RM 60.
- There are 5 employees are willing to follow new owner. (Negotiation)
- All food recipe can pass to new owner.
- Training and coaching can be provide. (Young entrepreneurs with no experience are welcome)

Offer Price
RM 150,000.00
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