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Hotel & Accomodation
Coffee Shop and Guest House @ Melaka (Business Asset)
Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia
Selling Off 100% Services

Business Overview
- A combination of café and guest house business located in the middle of Malacca City.
- Business is humbly renovated with minimalist raw theme for the patrons to enjoy the calming peaceful vibe of the place.
- Combined with 7 rooms for guesthouse concept, the business comes with accounts set up with, Expedia Travel, Airbnb, and etc.
- Business has been operated for 1 year and 6 months.
- Asking price is only for business assets, not including the brand.
- Business capacity is 30 x 110 sq. ft. (approximate 3,300 sq. ft.), double storey, two shop lot combined.
- Rental per month is RM 4,600.
- Rental deposit term is 2 + 1.
- Customer average spending is RM 30 per customer (café business only).

Business Offer
Selling 100% share

Company Entity

Business Highlights
While this café is becoming known, and we have grown attached to its beauty, we have to find another ambitious coffee enthusiast to optimize the potential of the place while we settle into somewhere less crowded and quiet, we simply don’t have the energy for the blooming business.

Yearly Revenue: RM 120,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 3 to 10 person


Strength & Opportunity
- Strategic location, business located by the Malacca river (beautiful sunrise in the morning), awesome neighbours and customers.
- HUGE OPPORTUNITIES for the right person to expand (great outdoor seating, next breakfast place for the morning joggers, awesome balcony overlooking Malacca river).
- Double storey shop lot with affordable rental.
- Good reputation with regular customer.
- Offer comes with 10 air conditions, mattresses and frame, hotel platform accounts with great reviews, all furniture in the café and guest house, all café equipment such as freezer, chiller, cups and plates (except for coffee machines and equipment).
- Operating business, ready to operate after take over.
- Training and coaching can be provided to the new owner.

Offer Price
RM 65,000.00
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