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  1. What is VentureGrab?
    VentureGrab is the Malaysia's First Business Matching Portal that connecting business owners, investors and young entrepreneurs. Investors and young entrepreneurs can search for businesses across Malaysia with a range of various settings so you can find the right business that fits your budget and needs. Business owners can list their businesses along with details, photos, selling points on VentureGrab to attract potential investors.
  2. Who should use VentureGrab?
    Young entrepreneurs, investors, business consultant, business broker, and franchisee. VentureGrab caters to everyone in Malaysia or the APAC region whom are keen on investing into a business or someone that is looking to exit from a business. VentureGrab also cater towards any investors that are looking to expand their businesses.
  3. How to register online?
    1. Visit to
    2. Click "Sign Up" at top right.
    3. Fill in email address and your desired password.
    4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and birthday.
    5. Enter your mobile no. (e.g. 01x-xxxxxxx) and click "Request OTP".
    6. Check your mobile for the OTP code sent from VentureGrab team.
    7. Fill in the OTP Code and click "Next".
  4. How to list my business?
    1. Click "List Your Business".
    2. Select the nature of your business listing (100% ownership, partial ownership or franchise partner invitation).
    3. Insert the country, street address, building name, city, state, and postcode, then click "Next".
    4. Click and drag the pin to your business exact location, then click "Update".
    5. Double confirm the address information and click "Next".
    6. Insert your business name, business structure, business registration number, business type and industry type, then click "Next".
    7. Insert your offer price and yearly revenue of your business, and click "Next".
    8. Write the business introduction and list down strength and opportunities of your business, then click "Next".
    9. Select the no. of employees and upload your business assets photos or in pdf format, then click "Next".
    10. Upload an exterior photo of your business as cover photo, and upload up to 20 photos under the "Photo Gallery", then click "Next".
    11. Preview your business listing and click "Publish"
  5. Why should I attach company documents?
    Company documents are very vital to authenticating businesses that are listed on our portal. The reason why we opt for sellers to provide the company documents, is to protect the buyers from any scam activities. The documents needed varies but if there are changes to the business for example (change of business address, type, partners), then, the documents needed as per the requirement of Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), is as per below:
    Sdn Bhd Sole Proprietorship Partnership
    Form 9 Business Registration Certificate Business Registration Certificate
    Form 13 Partnership Agreement
    Form 24
    Form 49
    Form 44
    These documents wouldn't be display to the public eyes and it is strictly for internal use only.
  6. Why photos are very important to promote your business?
    Photos actually makes the postings much more attractive as compared to just a plain word advertisement. It also gives insight to potential buyers of a business, of how the business environment looks like. We have provided 20 photo slot in our platform so that sellers can post different photos from different angles to help promote their business more to potential investors.
  7. How to describe my business?
    We have some sample listings in our website to give an in-depth insight to our buyers and sellers of how a well explained business postings should be. Alternatively, sellers might want to add additional information about their businesses such as, landmarks, main customers, nearby facilities, product & services and management team, business volume, walk-ins per day. Also, it is good to inform potential investors if the current management/crew is willing to work for the new owner.
  8. Is it free to use?
    Your listing will be active for free for 14 days. To extend, you may purchase any of our advertising package. However, if a potential buyer makes and appointment to view your business, you will need Venture Grab credits to unlock the buyer’s details.
  9. How can VentureGrab help me?
    Your listing will be activated for free for 14 days. To unlock full features and reach wide media coverage and more potential business investors, you may purchase any of our advertising package here.
  10. What are the key features of VentureGrab?
    1. List business for sale - Sellers are able to list as many business as they would like.
    2. Search for business to invest - Buyers are able to search for a business they are keen on investing in based on the search criteria (Price range, business industry type, investment method, location).
  11. Why I should use VentureGrab?
    6 Reasons to use VentureGrab:
    1. Free and easy to use
    2. Finding business opportunity with just simple clicks.
    3. Listing business is free until someone is interested with your business.
    4. The unique SME and entrepreneurs focused platform.
    5. Reaching out to all right people in most efficient and economical way.
    6. Chance to get an additional exposure on out-of-home billboards, media marketing, newspapers, magazines and more.
  12. How to make my business look attractive?
    8 Tips to make your business look attractive:
    1. Creating great business description (strengths and opportunities, location, landmarks, etc)
    2. Taking good photos (ensure that the surrounding is well cleaned, well organized)
    3. Quality matters! (Get the best camera you can think of, iPhone or DSLR, and start snapping away.)
    4. The larger, the better (When taking pictures, please ensure that the size is 1000 x 720 HD)
    5. Preparing the stage (When you are taking pictures of your business, you must ensure that your business is properly arranged. Avoid messy tables, rubbish on the floor)
    6. Bring up the lights (ensure that the space is properly light up with adequate light exposure instead of a dark space)
    7. Shoot in landscape mode (Compose your pictures in landscape mode as opposed to portrait as it allows potential buyers to see your business to best effect)
    8. The more, the better (On our platform, we advise our sellers to post as much pictures as they can *maximum 20 pictures*. Try taking photos from different angles and settings for best results.)
  13. How to promote my business to potential buyers?
    1. Describe your business nature, the products your business selling, your company background, total value of the business assets worth.
    2. Post business in Facebook page and share the link to your friends.
    3. List your business in Venture Grab, then share the link to your Facebook or other social media platforms.
    4. Boost the page viewing or advertisement viewing by engaging in Facebook Advertisement.
  14. Can I list multiple businesses under 1 account?
    Yes you can! Provided if you are the owner or authorized person of the business.
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