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Why VentureGrab?
Business Investment & Disposal
VentureGrab provides you with a free platform to create and advertise your own business profile content and pictures. You have complete control over what you want to showcase to the public.
Safe, Easy & Convienent
Finding a business opportunity is now simply a matter of a few mouse clicks. VentureGrab represents a new way of buying and selling a business that is easy, safe and convienent for both the buyer and seller alike.
Business Oriented Client Base
VentureGrab is a unique SME and entrepreneur focused platform. It allows for highly targeted advertising that directly reaches those that matter - business owners, fund agents, potential investors and entrepreneurs.
How to list your business
Create your listing
Listing your business with us is one of the most efficient and economical ways to reach out to all the right people and channels. VentureGrab acts as a highly effective marketing tool that ensure your listing to be seen and reach out to the targeted people. Business write ups is vital as it gives the potential buyer or investor a clearer picture of your products or Services. You can upload unlimited number of photos in our portal. For investors, they can go through thousands of businesses listing and invest in the potential business they like.
Meet with potential buyers
Funding is very important for any businesses who wish to start or expand. You can now find venture capitalist or potential investors by listing your company on our portal. Not only local investors would be able to invest, but our coverage also include foreign countries such as Singapore, China and Jakarta. As a match maker, we strive to simplify the process of transaction between business owners and investors. After creating your business profile/listing, VentureGrab will set an appointment on your behalf to complete and facilitate the transaction. This is how you can start raising fund or look for opportunities to expand your business.
Make a deal
The secret to any deal making is efficiency and transparency. As a business focus platform, we offer additional services such as legal advisors, company secretary, auditor, accountant and so forth. This is to facilitate and speed up the process to close the deal. You can always consult us for business contacts through the arraying of networking database in VentureGrab. If there are any interested potential investors or buyers in your business, we will set an appointment between both parties to meet up and to secure the deal.

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